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Investing = Risky Business?

Here is a little secret to reduce risk: TIME

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Goal: Greater Long Term Growth

ThinQ’s investment process is designed to translate market growth into your portfolio. Most advisors focus on minimizing risk without telling you the huge opportunity costs likely to result in significantly lower growth. The slider to the left highlights that significant stock market growth has occurred in EVERY 30 year period in the past 100 years.

Relevant discussions - objective insights

Market report – making sense of it

Monthly statements – direct from custodian

Quarterly reports – customized by ThinQ

Direct Contact – your Investment Advisor

Formal Review – meeting, live or virtual


Clear Communication

Following the plan is critical to success. We help you navigate the inevitable storms through hands-on communication and clarity so you know exactly what to expect. Custom performance reports make it easy to track progress toward your goals.


Seasoned Investment Managers

ThinQ was created by investors for investors. Our people have weathered a broad range of market environments as investment professionals. Our investment approach is based on real life situations, not theoretical models that fail at critical times. We know how hard and important investment decisions are and we take your trust in us very seriously.

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Solution Tailored to Your Circumstance

We build your portfolio of strategies - Growth, Preservation, and Liquidity - to meet your particular needs. This enables you to participate in the growth phase far longer, resulting in much greater wealth creation. Our proprietary transition management process helps lock in growth opportunistically rather than arbitrarily.

Who We Can Help

Mike and linda

Professional/Small Business Owner, $400k Savings, Seeks Retirement Growth

Mike and Linda are married with 2 young children. Mike, age 38, owns a successful plumbing business and Linda, age 36, works part time as a nurse. Their future obligations include sending two young children to college in about 10 years, steadily paying down a mortgage against their condo, and helping Linda’s parents in retirement, likely beginning in about 10 years. Read more

Job Changer, $150K in 401k Retirement Plan From Prior Company, History of Lackluster Growth

Janet, age 48, is married with 2 kids in high school, and she recently moved to a new company. Over roughly 15 years she grew 401k retirement account at her old company to $150K through annual contributions. Upon closer look, the value today is only slightly more than the value of her contributions. Read more

Patriarch/Matriarch Assets Earmarked for Next Generation Inheritance

Anna, a widow, is 68 and in good health. She has a sizable estate including liquid investments of roughly $7MM. Anna leads a modest lifestyle and has little debt so she expects the bulk of her estate will eventually pass to her two children. Read more

Younger Investor, Liquidity Event (e.g. Sales of Business, Large Bonus, Inheritance)

Jim, single, age 32, recently sold his online custom golf clothing business and received roughly $4MM, net of taxes and other expenses. After taking a break to travel he plans to start another business using the remaining proceeds. A mutual friend recommended that Jim speak with us for good measure. Read more

Finance Professional - Hedge Fund Manager, PM, Trader

Ted, married with children, age 38, is a seasoned fixed income portfolio manager at a major Wall Street firm. His compensation is substantial so despite maintaining a fairly lavish lifestyle he has managed to build savings to about $2.5MM. Read more

ThinQ Process

The investment plan is personalized to your specific needs and includes the impact of taxes and fees - believe it or not, this is not always standard practice.

Okay, now I’m looking back on my life. I want to have minimized the number of regrets I have. I knew that when I was 80 I was not going to regret having tried this.

- Jeff Bezos